132 11 Mukki F 390x390.jpg
132 11 Mukki F 390x390.jpg

Product Description

Single Rudraksha bead is of Eleven Faces, representing Lord Hanuman, 11 Mukhi Rudraksha supposedly brings happiness, longevity, victory, helps in yoga practice, removes fear, and brings leadership qualities. The Rudraksha bead is of 8mm in diameter and is worn as a pendant with a string or a chain. Rudra’ means ‘Lord Shiva’, ‘Akshi’ means ‘Eye’. Meaning Lord Shiva’s eye will also be on you and shall protect you from evil.

Price : ₹ 2925

Product Code : 132

Type : Rudraksha Bead

Category : Novelty

Color : Rudraksha bead is a natural seed from Rudraksha tree.

Weight : 3 Grams

Dimensions : 20mm W